Q. Is the 2MS Sole Sauce a shoe cleaner?

A. No, it is a deoxidizer. Meaning it will only work on parts of the shoe that yellow due to normal wear and time. DO NOT USE ON SUEDE OR ANY SOFT FABRIC.

Q. Does the 2MS Sole Sauce really work?

A. Yes, we wouldn't waste our time and especially yours if it didn't. Plus we've been selling sauce for 8 years! The results speak for themselves!

Q. What does the 2MS Sole Sauce work on?

A. It works on clear soles, colored translucent soles, glow in the dark soles (also makes them glow brighter), midsoles, nettings on Jordan 5s, backtabs on Jordan 3s, or any shoe that has a clear sole. 

Q. How many sessions will it take to ice up my shoes?

A. There is no set amount of sessions. Every shoe is different depending on condition and how icy you want them.

Q. Do you guys offer a service to ice shoes?

A. Yes we do. We are professionals in what we do. Customer will be in charge of paying for shipping.

Q. How much do you guys charge for the saucing service?

A. Pricing depends on the condition of the shoe or the amount of work needed by the customer. Prices start at $50 and can range up to $150.

Q. Is a specific shirt releasing again?

A. Unfortunately, we only release the shirt in that specific color once. What we might do is release it in a different color.